A Green New World

Jul 26, 2020

As humanity becomes more aware of both the fragility of the planet and its ability to recover when given a chance, it is urgent to refocus our vast knowledge and expertise to a universal focus on the environment, especially as populations begin to shift their lifestyle paradigm in a post COVID-19 mindset.

In answer to this shift in awareness and the need to take action, Climatopolis is building a global scientific complex dedicated to climate change. The group funds and fosters research, innovation, and training for researchers, students and start-ups. The Climatopolis concept includes a “start-up accelerator” offering financial, research, engineering, fabrication, and workshops for development of pre-series organizations with great ideas but not enough resources. With a team of experts and international partners, Climatopolis searches out environmental research start-ups and micro-projects around the world. Their aim in the development of start-ups is to transform them into growth companies in the service of sustainable development, ecological and energy transition, and protection of biodiversity. 

Another objective of the group is to facilitate collaboration between start-ups, driving technology, industrial and commercial innovations that will positively affect climate change. 

Founded in 2018 by Olivier Camp, Chair of the Climatopolis Group in Paris; Claira Ausina, Managing Director and the Investor Relations Officer; and JC Robert DelHaye, EU Ambassador for Belgium, and a global expert in Drones, Smart Cities and Defense in Europe (he is also Founder and Chair of Drone Think Do Belgium), the Climatopolis Group intends to develop and duplicate many Climatopolis centres around the world intent on serving a single beneficiary: our environment. Many potential Climatopolis projects are emerging around the world, with interest from other countries to develop their own.  

In July 2020, Oliver Camp welcomed James Castle, President of Terranova Defense Solutions and Canadian Ambassador of Drone Think Do, as the new CEO for three divisions: Climatopolis Canada (based in Ottawa), Climatoplis Hong Kong, and Climatopolis China (based in Shenzhen), and as an Associate Director (Co-Founder) to the Climatopolis Group. 

Castle will oversee and develop each facility, the business accelerators and test facilities for the drone aviaries with attached manufacturing centres for each of the three locations. He believes integration of new methods and innovative technologies will lead Canada and the world to a bright future together. 

Through Terranova Defense Solutions and Drone Think Do Canada, Climatopolis Canada will drive change particularly in the areas of UAV/UAS/USV/USRV/UUS/ RPAS/C-UAV Drone and Counter-UAV technologies, and Green Tech systems such as Smart City projects.

Climatopolis Canada Supercluster Climate Innovation Smart City
In June 2020, the Climatopolis Group announced the founding of its new tech Supercluster to be located and developed at Climatopolis Canada, proposed for launch in Ottawa. For this initiative, four organizations – Terranova Defense Solutions, Climatopolis Group, Drone Think Do Belgium, and Drone Think Do Canada – came together to create a truly unique global partnership to develop the world’s first “Dual Clean Tech” smart city projects designed to reverse the effects of climate change and help humanity with a stable environment that we all share together.

“After 15 years of experience in the fields of renewable energy, agro-ecology and innovative technologies, I have developed a unique model for accelerating innovation in applied research for the benefit of our environment,” says Olivier Camp, Chair of Climatopolis Group answer to the question of how the concept of Green Smart City Climatopolis was born.

The Climatopolis Group will build a total of nine 200-acre (80 hectares) projects: one each in Paris, France; Ottawa, Canada; Brussels, Belgium; Hong Kong; and Shenzhen, China and areas in the United States, Amsterdam, Israel and Brazil – starting in France, Canada and Hong Kong first.

Architect's projection of Climatopolis project.

Architect's projection of Climatopolis project.

This initiative will be Canada’s first Scientific Smart Centre that will be built specifically for the benefit of Green Technologies and Climate Change. 

Once built, Climatopolis Group will incubate start-ups, support researchers, educate people and companies in drone technologies, and run professional courses for students and start-ups who wish to be involved in climate change. 

It is anticipated that drones will play a major role in the future of smart city management in a variety of missions involving intelligent data gathering and public safety. Drone Think Do Canada, a Canadian Not-For-Profit, is planning to launch an International Autonomous Drone Competi­tion and Air Show in 2021 and has said it will donate 10% of the money raised toward the development and building of Climatopolis Canada in Ottawa.

Global Sustainability
The 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change (COP21) marked an important turning point in the fight against global warming, as it commits all States of the European Union to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Drone Think Do Belgium actively supported and participated via its network of delegates to COP21. In the process, Drone Think Do Belgium  joined an international movement from Brussels to set up the Ecological and Economic Transition via Sustainability.

Climatopolis is enthusiastic about its role as a scientific accelerator. By promoting research, innovation, education, training, they help develop start-ups and transform them into larger environmental tech growth companies for sustainable development. This business model will allow students, start-ups and SMEs to develop eco-friendly green tech companies, designed to help solve the many problems we face in climate change and economic growth, while working together to save the environment and future.

The Business Model is managed by Olivier Camp, Chair of the Climatopolis Group and CEO of Climatopolis France.  Backed by an international team and expert partners Climatopolis continues to federate and accelerate the development of global companies and small businesses, with the desire to hatch the future deep-tech and green unicorns of tomorrow.

Climatopolis favors the following areas: ecological and universal transition, energy systems, bioeconomy, protection of biodiversity and species, circular economy, eco-efficiency in industry, smart agriculture, and eco-construction, bio-sourced materials, autonomous robotics, drones, UAVs and USVs, digital and artificial intelligence applied to green growth and product intelligence.

“I was made aware of the environmental cause by my mother, who is passionate about agro-ecology, and of the space adventure by my father, who was an expert satellite engineer. I therefore inherited this culture of innovation and strong environmental values, which naturally led me to co-found Climatopolis with Olivier Camp (an ecological technologist and European Green Deal expert). Thanks to my extensive network of investors, I was able to mobilize financing for the first Climatopolis Scientific Smart City in Paris, says Claira Ausina, Managing Director of Climatopolis France.

Climatopolis is the concrete achievement that will catalyze all knowledge and know-how in order to become centres of excellence and international benchmarks in most environmental matters. 

Plans for the many projects being developed worldwide are done with a view to quickly bringing numerous innovations to market that are beneficial to our environment and profitable for our investors, while considering that we have only one client: the planet.

The motto of the Climatopolis Group “Together, Stronger” takes more than its meaning in the face of current and future challenges that must be faced now for the benefit of future generations. 

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