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Navy and Defence Issues
Rear-Admiral Finn has spent the last three decades as a naval officer in the Canadian Forces and has extensive experience in leadership and management in the domain of materiel readiness for ship operations, and in complex project management. His work ashore has included various tours in ship replacement projects, including as Project Manager for the Joint Support Ship and Canadian Surface Combatant. He was the Director Maritime Fleet Management and Director General Maritime Equipment Program Management. He was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral and appointed Chief of Staff - Materiel Group in November 2012.
Cdr (ret)
Naval Affairs
Commander (ret) Ralph Fisher was one of the first post-war engineering officers to qualify as a sub-specialist in naval aircraft electrical & electronic systems. His most memorable appointments were those in two carriers, the 19th and 30th Carrier Air Groups and Experimental Sqn 10 at Shearwater, the US Naval Air R&D Command, and the hydrofoil warship development program. He later served as Deputy Director Scientific & Technical Intelligence at CFHQ. For the past 15 years, he has contributed to volunteer works on the history & heritage of the Navy, its interests and the rebuilding of our defence forces. He is a co-author of a 2004 presentation by MGen (ret) Lewis MacKenzie to the Prime Minister on expeditionary requirements of the CF.
Can/Am Trade
Scott Flukinger is a lawyer-lobbyist and former member of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service specializing in Canada-U.S. business, regulatory and policy matters. Formerly with McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP in Washington, D.C., he is now pursuing private practice.
Gordon Forbes spent 27 years in the Royal Canadian Navy both on the operational and engineering sides. He wrote operational requirements for the Canadian Patrol Frigate project and then tried to fulfill those requirements as an engineer. After leaving the navy, he worked in the defence industry for an additional 25 years managing several projects. He lives in Ottawa and is a member of the Naval Association of Canada.
“Who’s Where” and “Industry Notes”.
“Who’s Where” and “Industry Notes”.
James Fryer is a defence analyst based in Toronto, Ontario. Fryer represents the nom de plume for a writer whose frank and informative articles continue to hold the government's feet to the fire.