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military and defence writer
Adrian Obst
As a FrontLine correspondent, Adrian's writing experience includes conducting interviews with industry and government leaders, MPs, and members of the armed forces. His focus is on the Canadian Armed Forces and DND, and government relations, program management, which allows him to bring interesting content on the topics of innovation and progress being driven by R&D goals at companies working towards Canada's bright future. Working with some of the brightest minds and top tier professionals in Canada and beyond, Adrian gives industry a platform and microphone to bring their voices to the big stage.
Documentation Coordinator
Pamela O’Dell is the Documentation Coordinator for O’Dell Engineering in Cambridge, Ontario. She is the government liaison and is also responsible for record compliance and special projects. With an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, Ms O’Dell is currently pursuing her Ph.D.
Simulation Systems
Paula O’Shea is a Program Manager with Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training and Support in Orlando, Florida. Ms. O’Shea is currently the program manager for NxTrain, a next generation training and rehearsal solution. A system of systems, NxTrain provides a framework for managing, developing, and delivering training. It is applicable to ground, flight, space, and maritime training needs as well as maintenance training.