Aug 08, 2018

From August 3 to 10, Canada is hosting the Summer Congress of Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) and Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR) in Quebec City.   

    “It is an honour to once again host the CIOR/CIOMR Summer Congress. Through our defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, our Government has committed to further integrating reservists into the total force and providing it with sufficient numbers, training, preparation, and equipment to be ready to contribute to operations at home and abroad," said Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan. "I am proud that our CAF reservists are joining our international partners to discuss common Reserve Force issues, such as contribution to international operations, training and employer support.”                                                         

More than 23 nations are participating in discussions on prominent issues related to military reserves including the contribution of reserve forces to international operations, reserve training, education and employer support.

The Canadian Armed Forces has more than 27,000 reserve soldiers, sailors and air personnel across the country who contribute to the defence and security of Canada, while remaining a dynamic and positive force in their communities.

This annual Summer Congress provides an opportunity for participating nations to forge links between military reserve officers, share best practices, develop viewpoints on issues in support of the NATO alliance, and foster reserve officer professional development.

An integral component of the Summer Congress is a three-day military competition where more than 150 reservists from 23 countries test their skills in marksmanship, military navigation, land and water obstacle courses, hand grenade throwing, combat first aid knowledge, and the application of the Law of Armed Conflict.  Established in 1957, MILCOMP is an internationally recognized competition focused on military skills that challenge the leadership and physical robustness of reservists from different nations.

As well as the military competition, a three-day Civil Military Co-operation exercise (CIMEX) will take place prior to the annual Summer Congress. The aim of CIMEX is to encourage networking, information sharing, and identifying best practices among partner nations.

The activities of the 2018 CIOR will be held in several locations around Quebec City, including the Québec Citadel, Canadian Armed Forces Base Valcartier and the Pointe-à-Carcy Naval Reserve. The 2nd Canadian Division will provide the personnel and the facilities required to welcome all participants and guests to the various activities and ensure that this international event runs smoothly.

The Inter-allied Confederation of Reserve Officers is an independent and joint confederation that represents military reserve officers.

Founded in 1948, and officially recognized by NATO in 1976, CIOR provides advice on the best use of reservists, improves the knowledge of NATO authorities about national reserve forces, and facilitates information exchange between member states.

The CIOR represents the interests of more than 1 million reservists world-wide. The CIOR meets twice a year - in the summer (congress) and winter (seminar). Canada has previously hosted CIOR in 1990 (Calgary) and 1980 (Montreal).

The Inter-allied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR) will see delegates from NATO and non-NATO countries come together to promote effective cooperation amongst reserve force medical services and personnel.  Delegates include physicians, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses, technicians and medical service corps officers.

Canada’s Primary Reserve Force has demonstrated its worth and value through recent operations, such as Afghanistan where Primary reservists made up to 25 percent of deployed personnel and up to five percent of the first two rotations in Iraq. Over time Primary reservists have proven to be critical in sustaining the operational tempo of the CAF.