Jan 20, 2019

In a refreshingly optimistic note, Wolf Solkin, a feisty Canadian Veteran who turns 96 in February, has confirmed that a remarkably quick first court date of 20 February 2019 has been set in the recently-launched class action suit against the Governments of Canada and Quebec on behalf of the remaining 138 Veterans at Ste. Anne's Hospital in Quebec.

In September 2018, FrontLine published a letter from Solkin, in which he detailed some of the more egregious examples of an immediate drop in service quality (including many staff members quitting and not being replaced) when ownership and operation of a Veteran's hospital in Quebec was transferred from the Government of Canada to the Government of Quebec.

Entitled "Abandoned Veterans" the article has attracted much attention and marked a step towards the launch of this class action suit so that Veterans in future may not have to fight so hard for the dignities they deserve so late in life after putting their very lives on the line in the service of the Canadian people.

Will the new Minister of Veterans Affairs, the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, have some impact in making sure this issue is dealt with swiftly and positively, or will she allow it to be swept under the rug waiting for more Veterans at the facility to die amid serious allegations of negligence of duty to protect this vulnerable group of brave citizens? It is time for her to prove she can pave the way for positive change and turn this beleaguered department around.