Jul 10, 2019

After agreeing to postpone his summer 2019 retirement plans, the highly-respected LGen Paul Wynnyk now puts an end to the ping-pong-path his career has become. Wynnyk submitted a letter to General Vance announcing his intention to retire on 9 August, after his duties have been changed and then reversed numerous times by the CDS who was unsure of how to proceed after former VCDS, VAdm Mark Norman (who had been suspended by Gen Vance), was cleared of breach of trust charges.

The resignation letter from the current Vice-Chief was obtained by Global News.

Wynnyk was the fifth vice-chief to serve under General Jon Vance, who is coming up to his 4-year mark in a few days. Various news sources are suggesting that questions are now being raised about Vance's continued leadership as Chief of the Defence Staff.

Global News
Wynnyk writes that Vance advised him his “continued service as the VCDS was no longer in the best interests of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), that you [Vance] intended to restore Vice-Admiral Norman to the position, and that this decision presented you with a dilemma with regard to my future employment,” the letter said. Questions are now being raised about [Vance's] leadership, senior military sources told Global News.

The Globe and Mail
LGen Wynnyk’s decision to leave the Canadian Forces, effective Aug. 9, represents the latest blow to the military, whose senior leadership has been in perpetual turmoil since Vice-Adm. Norman was suspended in January, 2017.

Ottawa Citizen
Lt. Gen. Paul Wynnyk gave notice that he will be leaving the Canadian Forces. Wynnyk had been asked by General Vance to stay on beyond his retirement to fill Vice Adm. Mark Norman’s job only to have that decision abruptly changed by Vance in May, and then reversed yet again in June.