Sep 20, 2019

The Navy League of Canada has organized a one-day conference entitled "Momentum" to discuss the importance of gender balance in all facets of the maritime defence sector. The event will feature thought-provoking panel discussions with prominent veterans and members from academia, industry, the Canadian Armed Forces, and government.

Named for the momentum that has built over recent years, this conference serves as a venue to share ideas and learn how to address the various problems that are commonly found when attempting to reach gender harmony in the workplace.

Panel Discussion 1 – Women in Motion
Trailblazing women from varying backgrounds discuss their internal experience pitted against the external perceptions of being the first generation of women at the table, calling the shots, and the challenges they faced.

Presentation 1 – Finding Courage through Adversity
What is perseverance? How do you find the courage to continue to work towards your goals when faced with adversity? Author of Out Standing in the Field, Major (Ret’d) Sandra Perron speaks on daily micro aggressions, bystanders, and finding the courage to speak up in the face of adversity.

Panel Discussion 2 – Opening Doors
Taking a closer look at internal policies, this panel will discuss strategies to recruit women for positions at all levels, the secondary effects HR policies create for women in the workplace, and the effects of having a stable mentor or coach to address career progression in the workplace.

Presentation 2 – Women in Research and Academia
Where are the women in defence research? While statistics are on the rise for women in STEM, representation for women in defence-specific research is still surprisingly low. Hear from Women in International Security about the importance of having women in research in all fields and their contribution to the defence dialogue.

Panel Discussion 3 – Changing Lenses
This panel discussion targets addressing gender-oriented change in the workplace, providing concrete, tangible solutions and strategies to implement in our daily lives and at work. Discuss how to lead change at all levels, and how to start to change the way we approach gendered issues, including personal mindsets and habits that we can all adopt and implement to eliminate this concept of a glass ceiling.

Registration, Breakfast & Networking begin at 07:15 and the closing remarks wrap up at 15:30.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019
8:30 am – 3:30 pm EST

Shaw Centre, Colonel By Drive, Ottawa

Registration: $50 (includes meals throughout the day)
Students: $15 (available through the Navy League national office only).
Registration through EventBrite opens Friday, 20 September 2019: