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Posted on Aug 09, 2016

Team Spartan, which is offering its C-27J aircraft as part of Canada’s Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) competition, will be highlighting the aircraft’s capabilities at the Aerospace, Defence & Security Expo (ADSE 2016), in Abbotsford, British Columbia August 11 & 12.

Led by General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada and  Leonardo Aircraft Division, Team Spartan will demonstrate the unique capabilities of the aircraft, and show attendees the size and scope of the team’s pan-Canadian industrial partners that will create jobs across Canada if the aircraft is chosen to be the next FWSAR platform.

“We are excited to be showing what Team Spartan has been working on for Canadians at this world-class exhibition,” said Steve Lucas, Team Spartan’s spokesman.  “Aviation and defence professionals from Canada, the United States and around the world attending the show will be able to see what Team Spartan and the C-27J will provide to Canada for this important Canadian program,” Lucas said.

Team Spartan partners, KF Aerospace and DRS Technologies Canada, will be on hand and ready to discuss this strong Canadian-led team, while highlighting the significant economic impact that would be generated in Canada if the C-27J and Team Spartan are chosen for the FWSAR program.

The FWSAR is a program designed to save lives, and only uncompromising solutions matter.  The C-27J FWSAR is that solution and will be an effective, multi-mission asset that will not only replace two different aging fleets of aircraft but bring the FWSAR program into the 21st century with a more capable platform, modern lifesaving technology, and aircraft that are less costly to operate.

The C-27J will be the best choice to meet Canada’s future FWSAR requirements thanks to:

  • Its capability to rapidly respond to emergency situations across the vast expanse of the Canadian SAR Area of Responsibility (AOR) in all weather conditions;
  • Its state-of-the-art Mission Suite and Sensor Systems, designed to quickly locate people in distress; and,
  • Its proven air delivery systems, able to deploy with maximum accuracy specialists, emergency equipment and supplies.

The C-27J aircraft has been selected in the Search and Rescue role by the U.S. Coast Guard‎ and the first unit, based at Sacramento, California, is already operational with the Spartan.