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Posted on Jul 19, 2017

Expanding on its wealth of expertise, the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) welcomes The Hon. Rona Ambrose, former interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition, to its Advisory Council, effective immediately. CGAI represents a broad, diverse and distinguished group of thought leaders and subject matter experts. Collectively, the Institute works to identify important Canadian global interests, promote active and effective global engagement through rigorous policy analysis and thereby provide Canadians with important information about the link between prosperity, globalization and security. The Institute relies on the expertise of its Advisory Council to assist in the development and production of independent, rigorous policy analysis as well as transparent governance practices.

Former interim Federal Conservative leader joins Canada’s pre-eminent global affairs think tank
Former interim Federal Conservative leader joins Canada’s pre-eminent global affairs think tank.

“With her intellectual rigor, vast public policy experience and strong leadership qualities, Rona Ambrose will elevate the Institute’s ability to promote better public understanding of foreign policy in Canada,” stated Hon. John Manley, Chairman of the CGAI Advisory Council.

In May 2017, Ambrose, a long-time Conservative MP and cabinet minister announced that she is leaving politics this summer to pursue new opportunities and take on new challenges. In the coming year, she will join the Washington D.C.-based Wilson Centre’s Canada Institute as a visiting Global Fellow in addition to joining the CGAI Advisory Council. As a key member of the federal cabinet for a decade, Ambrose solved problems as a minister of the Crown across nine government departments, including serving as Vice Chair of the Treasury Board for several years and chair of the cabinet committee for public safety, justice and aboriginal issues.

“The Canadian Global Affairs Institute is known as a credible source of expertise on international relations,” said Ambrose. “I am honoured to be joining an institution that is consistently ranked amongst the top think tanks for matters affecting the world and our nation.”

Ambrose joins several other prominent Advisory Council members, including Manley, Ian Brodie, Jean Charest, Laura Dawson, Richard Fadden, Bob Fowler, Dan Hays, Marie-Lucie Morin, Bob Rae, Christopher Waddell and Bob Wright.

“The purpose of the Advisory Council is the provision of tempered and independent second thought on our programming and the maintenance of an independent, unbiased, non-partisan perspective is of the utmost importance,” said Kelly Ogle, CGAI president. “With her vast experience in protecting human rights and upholding the rule of law in Canada, we are confident that Rona Ambrose will play an integral role in the Institute’s future endeavours.”

As a determined public policy expert, having personally developed several federal policies ranging from industrial strategies in military procurement to health innovation, Ambrose understands that government actions can have a real impact on families and businesses across the country. In accepting this new position, the input Ambrose provides will assist the CGAI in achieving its vision to position Canada as a nation recognized for its collective and international problem-solving abilities.